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Nature Island Dive

Nature Island Dive Stony Coral Tissue Loss Disease Treatment, Sofriere, Dominica

  • February 2022 

  • Simon Walsh and Nature Island Divers' dive masters are working to treat Stony Corals in Dominican waters that are suffering from Stony Coral Tissue Loss Disease.  This disease has wiped out coral species around the Caribbean and Florida, USA.  With experimentation, they have found a way to treat these animals, inoculating the infected tissues with amoxicillin to hopefully allow the animal to survive.  Corals are a major part of the reef ecosystems, and are critical to other marine wildlife.

  • Networking, Collaboration and Funds provided

  • DiverMojo Citizen Scientists volunteered with site inspections, treatment and raising funds for Amoxicillin

Nature Island Dive Coral Restoration, Sofriere, Dominica

  • February 2023

  • After attempts to save the corals with Amoxicillin to reverse the disease, the team  is now focused on growing coral to repopulate the reefs with new coral

  • DMF has purchased a 'coral tree' and the ongoing maintenance for that tree

  • Once grown these new corals will be transplanted onto the surrounding reefs

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